Cyber Security Management


Sierra Ridge Networks  can stop cyber criminals in their tracks. In this digital age companies who have embraced various technology platforms have shifted the competitive edge in there favor. But are you in control or are you being controlled? For any business today proactively protecting cyber assets should be non-negotiable.


Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

  • Web Filtering/Web application firewall/Intrusion Protection  - Gone are the days of happy, carefree Internet surfing. Cyber space is full of dark characters just waiting for the right opportunity to steal your information and consequently your entire business.
  • Network Scanning - Vital internal and external communication points should be monitored for weaknesses. With the prolific amount of threats today it is imperative that your cyber security systems are kept up to date.
  • User Awareness Training  - Social engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information  The number one weakest point in data security is the "Human Factor". A company can have all the security solutions in place that are on the market today, but one click on a malicious link or visit to a malicious site and the front door has now been opened to the invader.
  • Establish IT Best Practices - Assess the risk and create a plan. Create policies and procedures for data recovery, data breaches, passwords, etc.
  • Independent IT Audit - Our security focused staff will assess your current technology environment and help establish peace of mind that your IT bases are covered.