How a Typo Can Get Your Computer Infected

It is easy to make typos when entering the address to a website in your web browser, and in many cases a typo will not be disastrous.  For example, typing instead of will lead you to a harmless website about a small town in England.

Unfortunately, hackers are using “typosquatting” as a tactic to infect your computer or steal your information at ever increasing rates.  Malicious entities create fake websites that look like a legitimate site and use a web address that is similar to the original. 

There are number of things a typosquatter will try to accomplish with the traffic they get:

·         Sell products

·         Install a virus on the user’s computer

·         Steal usernames, passwords, or credit card information.

There are a number of things a user can do to protect themselves against becoming the victim of a typosquatter:

·         Pay close attention to spelling of web addresses and check that websites are the ones they intended to visit

·         Don’t click on links in emails social networking websites as they may lead to a typosquatting website, intentionally or not

·         Have up-to-date anti-virus and web filtering software

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