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How a Typo Can Get Your Computer Infected

It is easy to make typos when entering the address to a website in your web browser, and in many cases a typo will not be disastrous.  For example, typing instead of will lead you to a harmless website about a small town in England.

Unfortunately, hackers are using “typosquatting” as a tactic to infect your computer or steal your information at ever increasing rates.  Malicious entities create fake websites that look like a legitimate site and use a web address that is similar to the original. 

So, What is the Cloud Exactly?

Buzz words.  Everyone loves to use them, but few seem to know what they mean.  Today, I hope to shed some clarity on one such buzz word for our less buzzy readers.

It is hard, if not impossible, to go a day without hearing some mention of the term "the Cloud".  The word is used by professionals, advertisers, and people in meetings who want to sound smart, but it's exact definition is a mystery to the vast majority of people.  The funny thing is that you probably have experince with the Cloud yourself.  Have you ever use Gmail or Hotmail? If so, then you are a user of the Cloud!

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